Industries Served

Sample Market Segments & Capabilities

Automotive/Light Truck Components

Right and left hand, cut and forming, designed for high production applications and extended tool life.

Heavy Truck/Off Road Vehicle Components

Often course pitch and special lengths with coolant jets exiting flutes for maximum lubricity when tapping.

Jacks – Automotive/Truck, Scaffolding and Other

Single and multi-pass acme taps to optimize cut and chip load per tooth and aid in chip evacuation and control.

Threaded Fasteners

Solder and screw style nib taps designed for soft or hardened nuts with standardized PD’s and oversized PD’s for post-tapped plating.

High pressure Steel Cylinders and Fire Extinguishers

Special Cheboygan designed NGT, DiN and ISO pipe taps for extremely difficult tapping of cylinder necks to exacting gaging requirements and smooth thread finishes.

Linear Motion Products

Single and multi-pass ballform and acme taps up to 28” lengths and 4” diameters designed for multiple resharpenings.

Screw Machine Products

Combination of special taps and thread rolls for all styles of holder to meet the diverse needs of screw machine customers.


Extreme close tolerance taps often with plain pilots for optimal concentricity and cylindricity of thread forms.

Pipe Fittings and Valves

Both straight and pipe taps sizes in all standards are available and then customized to the specific application and part material being tapped including difficult materials such as Inconel, hastelloy and no-lead brass.

Medical Devices

Single start and multiple start taps and thread mills, including for locking thread forms, designed with extremely close tolerances for challenging parts materials and medical requirements.

Jewelry, Dental Implants & Electronic Devices

Cut tap sizes as small as 000-120 and 0.8unm x .200 and rollform tap sizes as small as #0-80 and M1.0 x .35.

Vises and C-Clamps

Single pass and tandem acme taps tailored to specific part material and often made from hardened blanks for fast delivery.

Aerospace Components

Special fluting, coatings and close tolerance designs specifically for hybrid metals and plastics.

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